Golf Classics

Golf Classics was created as a passion project where unique images and videos are selected with quality over quantity in mind. The profile page is a storyboard for golf’s legendary personalities, classic styles and special moments throughout history.

Responsible For
Brand Conception, Content, Photo Editing, Art Direction

Identity & Instagram

Golf Classics logo created as the brand monogram and Instagram profile icon.

The Golfer’s Journal — No.2

The Golfer’s Journal is a new publication and independent voice for the discerning golfer. Their mission is to deliver unrivaled stories and imagery, beautifully packaged as a premium quarterly book.

I was asked to contribute to TGJ as a curator and photo editor. For Issue No.2, my responsibilities include selecting the cover image and collaborating on the anthology piece 1983.

The Golfer’s Journal — No.2
1983 Anthology

1983 is a 16-page yearbook feature in issue No.2 of The Golfer’s Journal. The imagery highlights the pivotal moments and standout players of that time. My responsibilities include photo curation.

The Golfer’s Journal — No.3
Homage to the Hustle

Homage to the Hustle is a 12-page editorial feature in issue No.3 of The Golfer’s Journal. The story dives into tales of notorious golf hustlers, legendary matches and the rise of big money in professional golf. My responsibilities include photo curation.